ScienceNews highlights our work on mosquito learning and memory abilities

Science writer Susan Milius wrote a very nice article for ScienceNews on our work on learning and memory in mosquitoes entitled "Rough lessons can be lessen the pull of human scent on a mosquito - Bursts of shaking teach the bloodsuckers to be indifferent to the odor of people's skin". Link to the article:

Our paper on kissing bugs thermoregulation is out in eLife!

What a good way to start this week! Our paper on kissing bugs thermoregulation is now out in eLife! This work is the result of an international collaboration between Brazil (Rafaela Paim and Marcos Pereira), Canada (Xiaojie Luan, George Belev and Juan Ianowski) and France (Teresita Insausti and Claudio Lazzari). And thanks to Joshua Benoit and David Denlinger for highlighting our work in their eLife insight ( Abstract: Blood-sucking insects experience thermal stress at each feeding event on endothermic vertebrates. We used thermography to examine how kissing-bugs Rhodnius prolixusactively protect themselves from overheating. During feeding, these bugs

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