Our paper on learning in mosquitoes is out in Current Biology!

I am really happy to announce that our paper "Modulation of Host Learning in Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes" is out in Current Biology! This work is a collaborative effort between Clément Vinauger (VT), the Riffell Lab at UW, including Gabriella H. Wolff, Lauren T. Locke and Jessica E. Liaw along with Jay Z. Parrish (UW), Omar S. Akbari (UCSD) and Michael H. Dickinson (Caltech). Highlights •Aversive learning by mosquitoes suppresses responses to human hosts •Mosquitoes can learn the association between mechanical shock and certain odorants •CRISPR/Cas9 modification of the dopamine-1 receptor prevents learning •Dopamine causes heterogeneous modulation of antennal lobe neurons Link to the paper: htt

Launching of the Insect Journal Club at Virginia Tech!

On the 11th of January, Dr. Clément Vinauger and I are launching the first Insect Journal Club at Virginia Tech! Twice a month, we will be meeting to discuss papers dealing with the biology of insects and other bugs such as ticks and spiders. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to!) plant-insect interactions, insect genetics, behavior, physiology and neurobiology, insects as vectors of human and animal diseases, with an emphasis on chemical ecology, biochemistry and molecular biology. The idea of this journal club is not only to discuss about papers but it is also a fantastic opportunity to meet your colleagues, get feedback on your work and build some new collaborations. Student

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