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Papers on BioRxiv!

Summer has been really busy for the lab between field work, grant writing and paper submissions!

Among papers submitted, 3 are available on BioRxiv:

* The effect of meal temperature on heart rate in Rhodnius prolixus

Chloé Lahondère, Maurane Buradino, Claudio R. Lazzari

* Neuromodulation and Differential Learning Across Mosquito Species

Gabriella H Wolff, Chloé Lahondère, Clément Vinauger, Jeffrey A Riffell (

* The olfactory basis of orchid pollination by mosquitoes

Chloé Lahondère, Clément Vinauger, Ryo P. Okubo, Gabriella Wolff, Omar S. Akbari, Jeffrey Riffell

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