New paper in Current Biology

I am delighted to share our new paper published in Current Biology entitled "Commonly Used Insect Repellents Hide Human Odors from Anopheles Mosquitoes". This work was led by Ali Afify, a post-doctoral researcher in Chris Potter's lab at John Hopkins and in collaboration with Olena Riabinina. Abstract: The mode of action for most mosquito repellents is unknown. This is primarily due to the difficulty in monitoring how the mosquito olfactory system responds to repellent odors. Here, we used the Q-system of binary expression to enable activity-dependent Ca2+ imaging in olfactory neurons of the African malaria mosquito Anopheles coluzzii. This system allows neuronal responses to common insect r

2019 Hokie BugFest

Our lab had a great time at the 2019 Hokie BugFest!! This outreach event is a fantastic way for kids, their parents and other visitors to learn more about insects and the impact they have in our lives. A big shoutout to Joanna for organizing and coordinating this effort for our lab and to all members who participated in this event! Below, Karthikeyan Chandrasegaran (left), post-doc in the Vinauger lab and Ryan Shaw (right), undergraduate researcher in our lab, show some mosquito larvae and pupae to kids visiting our booth. Link:

New paper out!

Our newest paper is now available online! Congrats to MSc student Forde Upshur, co-first author undergraduate researcher Elizabeth Bose and Cameron Hart for this accomplishment! Abstract: Aedes aegypti is an invasive mosquito species that is expected to expand its global distribution through climate change. As poikilotherms, mosquitoes are greatly affected by the temperature of the environment which can impact host-seeking, blood-feeding, and flight activity as well as survival and ability to transmit pathogens. However, an important aspect of mosquito biology on which the effect of temperature has not been investigated is water and sugar-feeding and how access to a sugar source might affect

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