New paper out in PNAS!

I am really excited to share our latest paper published in PNAS!! Abstract: Mosquitoes are important vectors of disease and require sources of carbohydrates for reproduction and survival. Unlike host-related behaviors of mosquitoes, comparatively less is understood about the mechanisms involved in nectar-feeding decisions, or how this sensory information is processed in the mosquito brain. Here we show that Aedes spp. mosquitoes, including Aedes aegypti, are effective pollinators of the Platanthera obtusata orchid, and demonstrate this mutualism is mediated by the orchid’s scent and the balance of excitation and inhibition in the mosquito’s antennal lobe (AL). The P. obtusata orchid emits an

Congrats to Lauren and Ryan on their GCC awards!

Congratulations to Lauren (BS/MS student) and Ryan (BS student) for being awarded a Global Change Center Undergraduate Research Award! Lauren will focus on nectar feeding physiology in mosquitoes while Ryan will focus on pathogens mosquitoes transmit to the herpeto-fauna in Virginia. And many thanks to the Global Change Center for their support to undergraduate research!!

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