New semester, new lab members!

Even if the Summer semester is officially over, mosquitoes are still very active in the area and field works continues. Morgen Vandergiessen, who has been our lab and field assistant this season has now started her Master's degree and is currently completing her Summer project. Sarah Tartabini who was our lab and field tech last year is back in the lab, working with Morgen on her project. Welcome back Sarah! Welcome to Aley Savory, a chemical engineering undergraduate student who joined the lab recently. She will be working with Forde and Joanna on scent collection and GC-MS analyses. Besides Morgen, Sarah and Aley, we welcome two other Master's students who will do rotations in the lab, Ale

Papers on BioRxiv!

Summer has been really busy for the lab between field work, grant writing and paper submissions! Among papers submitted, 3 are available on BioRxiv: * The effect of meal temperature on heart rate in Rhodnius prolixus Chloé Lahondère, Maurane Buradino, Claudio R. Lazzari ( * Neuromodulation and Differential Learning Across Mosquito Species Gabriella H Wolff, Chloé Lahondère, Clément Vinauger, Jeffrey A Riffell ( * The olfactory basis of orchid pollination by mosquitoes Chloé Lahondère, Clément Vinauger, Ryo P. Okubo, Gabriella Wolff, Omar S. Akbari, Jeffrey Riffell (

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