2 new preprints on BioRxiv!

We are excited to share two new preprints! The first one is a collaborative project with Claudio Lazzari, Aurélie Fauqet, Ricardo Araujo and Marcos Pereira: "Soft ticks perform evaporative cooling during blood-feeding". Abstract: Feeding on the blood of warm-blooded vertebrates is associated to thermal stress in haematophagous arthropods. It has been demonstrated that blood-sucking insects protect their physiological integrity either by synthesising heat-shock proteins or by means of thermoregulatory mechanisms. In this work, we describe the first thermoregulatory mechanism in a tick species, Ornithodoros rostratus. By performing real-time infrared thermography during feeding on mice we foun

Welcome Zach!

We are delighted to welcome Zach Baker as our Summer 2020 Filed and Lab Assistant! Zach will be working closely with Joanna on her project.

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