UW Bio post-doc seminar

I'll be presenting for the first time the results we obtained on the effect of temperature on olfactory behavior in mosquitoes at the Biology Post-doctoral seminar on the 6th of February!

Abstract: In order to obtain a blood meal, disease vector insects need to accurately identify and locate mobile vertebrate hosts using a wide range of cues, in particular olfactory signals, which are key mediator of the vector-host interaction. While the physiological processes regulating food-seeking behavior have been well studied in these insects, comparatively less is understood about how environmental temperature might affect the performance of their sensory system. This project aims at contributing closing the knowledge gaps in our understanding of thermal sensitivity in disease vector mosquitoes.

Hope to see you there!

More information can be found on the UW Biology Department website: https://www.biology.washington.edu/seminar/biology-postdoc-seminar

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