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2020 Engelpalooza

The Lahondère lab was well represented at the 2020 edition of Engelpalooza, a conference to highlight undergraduate (and this year graduate as well) research. This effort is part of a HHMI diversity and inclusion initiative led at Virginia Tech.

Morgen presented her work with Forde on the prevalence of sugar feeding in mosquitoes in urban and forested habitats. Joanna presented her work on the interactions between Culex territans and frogs. Ash and Lauren presented their work on the development of a toxic sugar bait for Aedes japonicus. Forde presented his work on ornamentals plants and invasive mosquito species.

Lauren, Joanna and Forde were also part of the graduate panel to answer questions from undergraduate students interested in joining research projects and in applying to grad school. Thank you for providing your insights to our Biochem students!!


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