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Our paper on learning in mosquitoes is out in Current Biology!

I am really happy to announce that our paper "Modulation of Host Learning in Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes" is out in Current Biology! This work is a collaborative effort between Clément Vinauger (VT), the Riffell Lab at UW, including Gabriella H. Wolff, Lauren T. Locke and Jessica E. Liaw along with Jay Z. Parrish (UW), Omar S. Akbari (UCSD) and Michael H. Dickinson (Caltech).


•Aversive learning by mosquitoes suppresses responses to human hosts

•Mosquitoes can learn the association between mechanical shock and certain odorants

•CRISPR/Cas9 modification of the dopamine-1 receptor prevents learning

•Dopamine causes heterogeneous modulation of antennal lobe neurons

This work has received a lot of attention from the media including:

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