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Our review on olfactory learning and chemical ecology of olfaction in disease vector mosquitoes is o

Our review "Olfactory learning and chemical ecology of olfaction in disease vector mosquitoes: a life history perspective" with my co-authors Eleanor Lutz, Clement Vinauger and Jeff Riffell published in Current Opinion in Insect Science is available online!


Mosquitoes transmit many debilitating diseases including malaria, dengue and Zika. Odors mediate behaviors that directly impact disease transmission (blood-feeding) as well as life history events that contribute to mosquito survival and fitness (mating and oviposition, nectar foraging, larval foraging and predator avoidance). In addition to innate olfaction mediated behaviors, mosquitoes rely on olfactory experience throughout their life to inform advantageous choices in many of these important behaviors. Previous reviews have addressed either the chemical ecology of mosquitoes, or olfactory-driven behaviors including host-feeding or oviposition. Adding to this literature, we use a holistic life history perspective to integrate and compare innate and learned olfactory behavior at various stages of mosquito development.

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